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1. Radiochemical Synthesis of 18F-labelled Compounds Using the H-Cube Reactor
2. Safe and Fast Ozonolysis Using the IceCube Flow Reactor
3. Synthesis of nanoparticles and their efficient use in the H-Cube® and H-Cube Pro™
4. Curtius rearrangement reaction in the X-Cube Flash™
5. Ruthenium-catalyzed Metathesis Reaction Using Fixed-bed Continuous Flow Reactor
6. Lipase-catalyzed Kinetic Resolution Using the X-Cube™ Continuous Flow Reactor
7. Rapid Catalyst Screening for Sonogashira Coupling Using the H-Cube® Continuous Flow Reactor
8. Reductive Amination of Ketones: Novel One-Step Transfer Hydrogenations in the X-Cube™
9. Carbon-Carbon Coupling Reactions Using the X-Cube™ continuous-flow reactor
10. Saturation of Functionalized Pyridines using the H-Cube Continuous Flow Reactor
11. H-Cube Pro Flow Hydrogenation Quick Start Reaction Guide
12. Asymmetric Hydrogenation Using the H-Cube® Continuous Flow Reactor
13. Scaling up Hydrogenation Reactions Using the H-Cube Midi™ Continuous Flow Reactor
14. Fast Hydrogenation Reaction Examples Using the H-Cube® continuous flow reactor
15. Fast Optimization Of Continuous Flow Hydrogenation Reactions Using the CatCart ChangerTM
16. Optimization of N-alkylation in the Phoenix Flow Reactor using 45 MHz picoSpin™ bench-top NMR for monitoring
17. Catalyst Screening and Profiling - Optimization of parameters during the stereoslective hydrogenation of diphenylacetylene
18. A High Temperature Green Method for Direct N-Alkylation with the Phoenix Flow Reactor
19. Phoenix Flow Reactor: Your Solution To Dead End Chemistry
20. The Modeling of Industrial Scale Desulfurization Using the P-Cube™ Flow Reactor
21. Safe and Fast Ozonolysis Using the O-Cube™ Continuous Flow Reactor
22. Ozonolysis Combined with Hydrogenation for the Simple Synthesis of Aldehydes in Tandem Continuous Flow
23. Hydrogenation of 2,4-dinitroanisole: A Comparative Study H-Cube® and the H-Cube Pro™
24. Hydrogenation of D-Glucose to D-Sorbitol Using the H-Cube Pro™
25. Rapid Library Synthesis of Biologically Active Compounds using the H-Cube® Continuous Flow Reactor
26. Gaseous reagent organic chemistry made easy
27. Scale up of a Reductive Amination Reaction Using the H-Cube Midi™ Reactor
28. How to Scale up Hydrogenation Reactions Using the H-Cube Midi™ Continuous Flow Reactor
29. Chemoselective Hydrogenation of Fragrance Precursors Using H-Cube® Continous Flow Reactor
30. Selective hydrogenation of cinnamaldehyde on a Pt nanoparticle based catalyst using the H-Cube® Flow Reactor
31. Deprotection Reactions Using the H-Cube® Continuous Flow Reactor
32. Swern Oxidation using the IceCube™ Flow Reactor
33. Automated Hydrogenation Using the H-Cube® Continuous Flow Reactor
34. Deuteration Reactions Using the H-Cube® Continuous Flow Reactor
35. Multi Step Azo Dye Formation in the IceCube Continuous Flow Reactor
36. Using Flow Chemistry in Agrochemical Applications
37. H-Cube Mini™ Application Overview
38. Reaction Optimization and Real-time Analysis
39. Simple, Fast, and Safe Continuous Flow Nitrations with the IceCube Flow Reactor
40. Performing Highly Exothermic Reactions Safely in Minutes
41. Aromatic Nucleophilic Substitutions Using X-Cube Flash™ Continuous Flow Reactor
42. Thermal Cyclisation Leading to Important Heterocyclic Carbonyl Intermediates Using X-Cube Flash™ Reactor

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