In the quest for cheaper, greener, or more efficient production of dyes, ThalesNano has the reactor range to help you get the results you want.


H-Cube ProHydrogenation is a very important process for the dye industry. Reduction of simple double bonds, aromatic rings, nitro or azo groups can drastically affect the colour or colour intensity a dye gives off. It is also a very clean and efficient process. The main drawback is the safe utilization of hydrogen gas. With the H-Cube Series dyes can be reacted up to 150°C and 100 bar safely because the hydrogen is generated from the electrolysis of water. No hydrogen cylinders or special facilities are required.

Chemistry example of Reduction of natural red

Synthesis of azo compounds or other high energy materials

IceCube ReactorAzo-type compounds can be shock sensitive or involve high energy syntheses. Nitration of compounds involves highly corrosive chemicals. Performing reactions of this nature is ideally suited to flow. The chemicals are reacted in low concentration, plus any dangerous molecules may be reacted immediately in a second step to form a safer final product. ThalesNano’s IceCube™ system is ideally suited to these types of reactions. Capable of reacting high energy materials safely down to -70°C and made out of Teflon to be compatible with even highly corrosive chemicals. The Ice Cube has been successfully utilized for azide, nitration, and ozonolysis reactions in a safe and efficient manner.

Some examples can be found below: