University Practical Lab Material

The ThalesNano Hydrogenation Academy is designed to give academic institutes the opportunity to re-introduce hydrogenation to the teaching laboratory with none of the historical safety concerns.

For safety reasons the vast majority of US universities do not currently offer any practical experience of hydrogenation to their undergraduate students, despite the technique accounting for approximately 5-10% of reactions carried out in industry.

The H-Cube® family of products allows a diverse range of scientifically interesting hydrogenation reactions to be run at high speeds and without any special safety precautions.

All 20 out of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies in the world use our hydrogenation reactors and they definitely are interested in more students having hands on experience when they come out of school.

To address this, we have worked with Dr. Chris O’Brien at the University of Texas at Arlington to develop a complete laboratory course that will allow you to introduce your students to both hydrogenation and flow chemistry. The course revolves around several scientifically interesting syntheses which include hydrogenation steps using our H-Cube®.

Initially available in both English and Mandarin, the course revolves around several scientifically interesting syntheses supported by a full complement of multimedia teaching and marking materials.

The course features:

  • Two new techniques in one
  • A practical knowledge of hydrogenation is a very desirable quality in applicants for industrial chemistry positions, as is knowledge of the increasingly important field of flow chemistry. This course provides both simultaneously.
  • Exciting and relevant chemistry
  • Examples include nitro reductions, hydrogenolysis of protecting groups, reductive amination and partial reduction of alkynes.
  • Safety
  • The H-Cube® uses pre-packaged catalyst cartridges and generate hydrogen on-demand in small quantities by the electrolysis of water, eliminating any risk of fire.
  • Suitability testing
  • All reactions have been successfully performed several times by University of Texas at Arlington undergraduates to ensure suitability for the teaching laboratory.
  • Low cost
  • The H-Cube® will be made available at a highly discounted price to institutions who intend to implement this course in their undergraduate laboratories.
  • Join academic institutes such as Boston University, UCSF, University of Cambridge, Imperial College of London, ESPCI Paris, University of Graz, and the Tokyo Industrial University, to name a few, in bringing hydrogenation back into academia.

The course materials, including multimedia training videos, a presentation, and lab notebook, are free to download. To download them, you visit this page.

The first University to integrate the course material into their practical laboratory course will win free CatCarts® for their course for the first year. Sign up today!