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Full Version: Reduction of an aromatic nitro to a hydroxyl amine
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I am interested in using our H-Cube to reduce an aromatic nitro to a hydroxyl amine with hydrazine mono hydrate as the hydrogen source and 5% Pd/C. Do you know of any procedures to carry out this transformation, and/or would you anticipate any problems in running the system without Hydrogen generation.

You can use the H-Cube in No H2 mode and generate H2 in-situ from hydrazine hydrate on the surface of the catalyst. However, it is unlikely that this will give you a different chemical result from using the H2 generated in the H-Cube.
For the reduction of aromatic nitro group into hydroxyl amine I would recommend you to use Raney-Ni rather than 5% Pd/C. The recommended temperature is low, try room temperature, or even below (the H-Cube Pro is able to cool down to 10 °C).
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