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Full Version: Hydrogenation of arenes
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We are interested in hydrogenating 4-aminophenol or paracetamol into corresponding 4-aminocyclohexanol or 4-acetamidocyclohexanol with the H-cube. I know you have examples of H-cube hydrogenation of heterocyles but I have not seen H-Cube hydrogenation of arenes. Have you ever done this type of hydrogenation? Could you recommend some reaction conditions please?

Yes we performed arene saturation reactions as well. Generally speaking a Ru or Rh catalyst is recommended, and as high temperature and pressure as possible.
However the necessary catalyst strongly depends on the activity of the aromatic ring.
Please allow me to give you two examples. If you would like to reduce the benzene to cyclohexane, you should use RuO2 as a catalyst, and 100 bar and at least 100 °C. However, if you would like to reduce the electron rich picric acid than Raney Ni is active enough to saturate the aromatic ring.
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