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Full Version: Carbonylation 2
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I am considering the following reaction:
[Image: image003.png]

I have an X-Cube equipped with a CO tank. What conditions and CatCarts would you recommend for this reaction?

I would recommend you a FibreCat 1000 series (1001, 1007 or 1048) as a catalyst. These are immobilized Palladium catalysts.
We have an application preparing esters from iodo compounds, but these reactions were managed with the Gas Module, which can introduce much a higher amount of CO to the reaction line than the X-Cube. At 30 bar with 1 ml/min liquid flow rate the X-Cube can introduce approximately 1.6 ml CO /min, while the Gas Module can introduce any amount up to 100 ml/min. Just a side note, that the Gas Module can be connected to your existing X-Cube as well.
Regarding the reaction conditions, the pressure should be as high as possible, because the introduced amount of CO depends on the pressure in case of the X-Cube. The temperature also should be relatively high to have a fast enough reaction and reach good conversion. As a base we used DBU, but you might try triethyl amine as well.
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