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Full Version: Hydrogenation an aniline to cyclohexylamine
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I would like to use the H-cube to hydrogenate an aniline to cyclohexylamine. However, the only paper that I found uses TFA and PtO2 over a few days. Do you know of any reaction conditions using the H-cube for this particular type of reaction?

I would recommend to use a Ruthenium or Rhodium catalyst (for example 5% Rh/C or 5% Ru/C) and high pressure/temperature (100 °C, 100 bar) for the reduction.
The anilines may stick to the surface of the charcoal, which may decrease the yield of your reaction. This side effect can be reduced if you use alumina supported catalysts instead of the charcoal, however their specific surface and activity are lower than in the case of the carbon supported catalysts.
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