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Using own catalyst - i.kovacs - 11-17-2014 11:59 AM

We have received this question to

I have a question about using H-Cube series reactor. I am an organometallic chemist, and my project involved developing homogeneous metal catalysts for organic reactions. I am especially interested in hydrogenation and oxidations. Does your reactor work for new metal catalysts, for example, an iron catalyst? From my understanding, the H-Cube has CatCarts with catalysts loaded. Can it be loaded with new catalysts, including metal nanoparticle catalysts?

Yes, filling our cartridges with new catalysts is certainly possible, however there are some aspects that need to be taken into account to do this successfully.
If the catalytically active component is in the nano size range, then it's required to have it anchored onto a support in a manner to prevent adequately both the leaching from the support, as well as the aggregation of the NPs on the support's surface. Furthermore, the vast majority of the support's grain size distribution has to fall into > 20 micron (recommended size: 20-400 um), otherwise the catalyst bed's porosity may cause troublesome pressure difference between the ends of the cartridge, once fluid is passing through it, and the catalyst particles may also sneak through the applied filters, provided some of the support's fraction is around 1 micron as well.
If you are willing to utilize your own catalysts in our cartridges in a way that they are immobilized in accordance with the above written aspects, we can offer you either our cartridge filling services or the same kit we ourselves are also using for cartridge filling in-house (CatCart Packer), so you'd be able to prepare your own cartridges.