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Meaning of full H2 mode - i.kovacs - 11-17-2014 12:16 PM

We have received this question to

When you use the H-cube for hydrogenation at full H2-mode, it is supposed to be 1 atm H2 right?
When you write this in an article, is it ok to just say 1 atm or should you specify the hydrogen generation more? What does the full H2-mode stand for?

The full H2 mode means hydrogenation at ambient pressure, where the introduced H2 amount is 30 mL/min at room temperature.
Once you report your results in an article, then for the sake of the reproducibility, I suggest to indicate:
-in what mode you had conducted your reactions with the H-Cube,
-what size and type of CatCart you had used and
-how much the actual system pressure and the inlet pressure was during your reactions.
I reckon it is advised to note what the Full H2 Mode is equivalent to, so you can provide relevant information to non H-Cube users too.