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Double bond reduction - i.kovacs - 11-17-2014 12:20 PM

We have received this question to

We are trying to reduce the double bond of a tetrahydropyridine using the H-Cube. We are currently using 10% Pd/C CatCart at 0.5 mL/min, 80 C, 80 bar but the reaction is incredibly slow. Do you have any suggestions how we can increase the rate this reaction please?

[Image: Image_05.png]

Would it be possible to know the concentration of your solution? One of the most common reasons of a slow reaction is that the ration between the Hydrogen and substrate isn’t optimal.

Please consult the hydrogen amount calculation part:

If this is the problem, you should try the reaction in full Hydrogen mode, where you can introduce a much higher amount of Hydrogen than under pressure.
The other possible reason would be the hindered position of the double bond, in which case should use a different catalyst, which may have better access to the double bond. I would recommend to try Raney Ni as a catalyst. Generally the Raney Ni CatCart contains a much higher amount of catalyst then the 10% Pd/C, therefore the specific catalyst excess is also much higher, therefore it may speed up the reaction.