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Solvent compatibility - TFA - i.kovacs - 03-18-2015 03:43 PM

Can you use triflouro acetic acid with H-Cube Mini?

We have experience using other instruments of ours with TFA, which wetted parts of their constructional materials are identical with the H-Cube Mini.
The TFA's concentration during our experiments was 0.04M, and the utilized cartridges contained Pd/C and PtO2 catalysts respectively. This concentration of TFA did not affect either the instrument or the CatCarts even up to 130°C.
(For you information we also have experience with working in pure acetic acid, as both the constructional materials and the above mentioned catalysts were also compatible with that solvent. In such applications though, you may experience a higher pressure drop on the mentioned cartridges)

Also we found in an article the use of the following solvent: 1.2 Equiv. TFA MeOH/DMF ratio: 10:1, to be precise: TFA (0.60 mL, 7.80 mmol) in methanol (100 mL)/DMF (10 mL), so 71 mM of TFA solution.

As a general rule for SS systems: TFA with less than 0.1% water is not corrosive to aluminum, nickel, monel, steels
and higher alloys.