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Hydrogenaiton towards THF
11-17-2014, 12:04 PM (This post was last modified: 11-17-2014 12:05 PM by i.kovacs.)
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Hydrogenaiton towards THF
We have received this question to
Can you please provide best conditions for furan saturation to tetrahydrofuran?

It is the Raney Nickel, Ni-Sponge, Ni-kieselguhr that would work most likely, however Pd, Rh, and Ru catalysts are also recommended.
We have tried this reaction on our H-Cube at 100°C, and 100 bar with 1 ml/min neat furan, using a 30 mm 10%Pd/C. The saturation at these conditions was quite efficient, taking into account how much hydrogen had been generated in the H-Cube and how much THF we got in the end. I would recommend the same pressure and temperature to start with in your H-Cube Pro. Nevertheless, you may also give a bit higher temperature a try as well, although furans may undergo the cleavage of the ether linkages in the course of the ring hydrogenation. Under vigorous conditions the THF formed may also be susceptible to the ring opening reaction.
Knowing that the H-Cube Pro produces 60 mL H2 /min, the theoretically possible maximum conversion with 0.3 ml neat furan /min would be still around 30%, therefore you'd need to recirculate the product sample if you would like to increase your yield, or to dilute the furan.
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