H-Cube Pro™

Higher throughput, greater reactivity, expanded chemistry capability

The H-Cube Pro™ is the next generation version of the number one selling flow reactor, the H-Cube®. The H-Cube Pro™ takes the best of the H-Cube®, such as fast reactions, safe high pressure hydrogen generation from water, catalyst cartridges, and ease of use, and improves upon it dramatically.

The H-Cube Pro™ offers greater hydrogen production for higher throughput, wider temperature capability including - for the first time - active cooling for more selective reactions, and an all new graphical interface with real time reaction monitoring/data logging and method storage capabilities.

In addition to expanding upon the range and throughput of hydrogenation reactions, the H-Cube Pro™ is also completely forward-compatible with several upcoming low cost reactor modules to expand the chemistry capabilities still further. Chemists can look forward to utilising other gases such as car

CatCarts for use in the H-Cube Pro™bon monoxide, oxygen, or Syngas with the H-Cube Pro™. Another module allows homogeneous reactions to be performed at higher than microwave temperatures and pressures.

Fully Automated System Now Available

ThalesNano is delighted to announce the launch of the H-Cube Pro Autosampler system. The whole process on the H-Cube Pro is now fully automated. Ideal for performing optimization studies, catalyst screening (with CatCart Changer), or library production overnight or over the weekend.



Higher Throughput and Control

The H-Cube Pro™ contains two cells to generate up to 60 mL/min of hydrogen. Now reactants can be hydrogenated at up to 2.0 M in concentration with a 70 mm CatCart®. Users may vary the amount of hydrogen produced at each pressure level between 0 and 60 mL/min offering greater reaction control.

Wider Temperature Range

Temperature may now be varied from 10-150°C, instead of only 25-100°C, offering greater selectivity at lower temperatures and the ability to perform more difficult reactions at higher temperatures.

Intelligent Software

The H-Cube Pro™’s graphical interface is now even easier to use and more powerful. Reaction parameters may be followed in real time and the data exported at the end of the reaction. The software also has a timer function where users can set the duration of the reaction. The software will use the inlet and outlet valves to automatically equilibrate the system, run the reaction, and then rinse the lines with solvent.

Greater Chemistry Capability

The H-Cube Pro™ will be forward compatible with other low-cost reactor modules to give chemists chemistry capabilities beyond hydrogenation. Reactions with other gases be performed using the Gas Module.

What are the benefits of the H-Cube Pro compared to the H-Cube?

There are many differences between the two systems, both externally and internally. The main differences that the user will face are the following:

Parameter H-Cube® H-Cube Pro™ Used for
Hardware related
Maximum temperature 100 °C 150 °C Performing more difficult or different chemistry, such as oxidation with O2 from the Gas Module.
Minimum Temperature RT 10 °C Selective/exothermic reactions
Capacity of hydrogen production 30 mL/min 60 mL/min Higher throughput
Inlet and Outlet Valve Switch With upgrade Built in Easier semi-automated change between Solvent and Reagent, and Waste and Product on the Software. No more manually transferring the line between flasks.
Software related
Timer With upgrade Built in Automatic reaction running.
Data logging and exporting Not available

What can be set:
▪ CatCart type
▪ Solvent
▪ Reagent

What is monitored over time:
▪ Bubble detector
▪ Temperature at different places
▪ Pressure (inlet, system, H2)

Data can be exported so the system acts as a lab book as well.
Reaction Parameter Not available Can save reaction parameters of desired reactions or upload ThalesNano’s recommended starting conditions for various reactions. Ease of use, time saving.
Calculation Not available Built in Simplex Algorithm. For faster optimization, the system recommends reaction conditions to obtain the best conversion, yield, or selectivity.
Priming Not available Part of Starting Process System will start system at high flow rate to eliminate air from the reaction line.
Hydrogen Production Change Just 0, 7%, or 100% The modes functions have been removed for simplicity. You can now vary the amount of hydrogen production from 0 to 100% in increments of 1. To obtain greater selectivity.
Manual Pressure Start In No H2 mode possible Quickly varying the pressure. For diagnostic purposes and to bed in the teflon membrane.
External Module control Not available Built in Full control over ThalesNano’s modules with a number of extra safety features implemented.
Automation External PC software can control:

Autosampler, CatCart Changer and H-Cube

External PC software can control:

Autosampler, CatCart Changer, H-Cube Pro, Gas Module and Phoenix Flow Reactor

Allows automated catalyst screening and/or reaction optimization of even triphasic reactions other than hydrogenation