ThalesNano's Flow Chemistry Seminar and User Group Meeting

We are happy to announce that ThalesNano Inc. was hosting a successful Flow Chemistry Seminar and User Group Meeting with participants coming from 10+ different countries around the world.

With the event our goal was to provide a stimulating environment for discussion of the most recent cutting edge research results in flow chemistry. 

The program was featuring a morning of technical and educative talks (see list below) followed by practical demonstrations in the afternoon.

-       Pushing the limits of chemical synthesis by Laszlo Kocsis, ThalesNano Inc.

-       Flow chemistry, a tool for new opportunities by Claudio Battilocchio, University of Cambridge

-       Flow Chemistry in Biphasic Environment – Working with Gases by Toma Glasnov, Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz

-       Evolution of the H-Cube System at Syngenta,UK by Gary Walter, Syngenta

-       From nanomaterials synthesis to heterogeneous catalysis and biomass/waste valorisation using flow technologies by Rafael Luque, University of Cordoba

-       Chemistry in 3D in Flow by Janos Gerencser, ComInnex Inc.

The following day participants had the chance to try out their own chemistry on our devices.

If you would like to request a  personal copy of the presentations listed above, write us an e-mail to