CatCarts® and Compatible Systems for Safe Catalyst Handling

Our company discontinoued the commerce of PtO2 catalyst cartridges. Please download the information letter here.

We have plenty of offers to help you use catalysts for your reactions in a safe and cost effective way, such as CatCarts®, MicroCatCarts™, and the CatCart Packer™.


The CatCart® system was designed to make the use of pyrophoric catalysts safer, easier to handle, and reusable with different substrates. The CatCart® is part of the H-Cube Series and Phoenix Flow Reactor™ systems.

CatCarts® are made up of a stainless steel tube packed with heterogeneous catalyst of a specific particle size range. A filter system at either end of the tube allows liquid to pass through the column, but prevents catalyst from leaking out.

ThalesNano has a wide range of different catalysts to suit most types of hydrogenation reactions. These range from the more common types, such as palladium on carbon and Raney Ni, to catalysts used for more chemoselective hydrogenations, such as rhenium catalysts.

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How they are used

The insertion and exchange of CatCarts® is a very simple process. The user needs only unscrew the cartridge from the heater system, remove the CatCart®, and replace with another cartridge. The whole process takes only a few seconds.

During a reaction, a mixture of hydrogen and dissolved substrate enters the CatCart® and adsorbs onto the catalyst bed. The reaction takes place on the catalyst while the substrate/hydrogen mixture passes through the cartridge. The product then flows out of the CatCart® and into a collectionvial. All the catalyst remains in the cartridge, so the user need only evaporate the solvent to yield the product. After thorough washing with solvent, the CatCart® may be used again with another different substrate. This process can be repeated until the catalyst deactivates.

Advantages of using CatCarts®

The process of flowing a hydrogen/substrate mixture through a catalyst bed vastly increases the interaction between the three phases (solid catalyst, liquid substrate, hydrogen gas). This interaction is important due to the limited solubility of hydrogen in solvent. The higher the mixing efficiency, the higher the mass transfer onto the catalyst, and therefore, the higher the reaction rates.

Another major advantage of the CatCart® system, is that the handling of highly pyrophoric catalysts, such as the Raney type catalysts, is much easier and safer. Catalyst fires most commonly occur upon addition of the catalyst to the reaction mixture and removal of the catalyst from the reaction mixture via filtration. With the CatCart® system, the filtration step is not necessary and containment of the catalyst in a cartridge for fast addition and removal of catalyst makes the process far safer and less hazardous than conventional methods.

Summary of the advantages

  • Safer handling - no contact between user and catalyst
  • Exchange of catalyst is quick and safe with no mess
  • No catalyst filtration necessary
  • Ability to reuse catalyst with different substrates
  • More efficient mixing of the three phases leading to higher reraction rates


MicroCatCarts are identical to normal 30 mm CatCart, but contains only a third of the usual amount of catalyst. This leads to the following advantages:

  • Compound below 30 mgs may be passed through the catalyst without total loss to the catalyst
  • The activity of the catalyst in the MicroCatCart™ is the same as that in the standard CatCart®, so less catalyst may be used for quick reaction optimization. This makes the whole process greener because lees catalyst is utilized
  • The residence time of the catalyst can now be cut to mere seconds meaning higher selectivity between competing functional groups can be achieved

MicroCatCarts™ have the same external dimension as the 30 mm CatCarts®, so no extra adapter is needed to use them.

CatCart Packer™

Now you can use your own catalysts/reagents in a safe, easy and cost effective way with our new CatCart Packer™.

The CatCart Packer™ enables users of the H-Cube® and H-Cube Pro™ (as well as X-Cube™ users) to pack their own catalysts and reagents into cartridges and screen them for rapid reaction optimization. In addition to speed, the instrument will allow users to explore how their current chemistry and processes can benefit by using flow reactors.

For the H-Cube® and H-Cube Pro™, all sizes of cartridges (30 and 70 mm) are available. The particle size, according to the diameter of the CatCart®, should be between 50-400 microns.

CatCart Packer™ Brochure

Product Item number Product Description
CatCart Packer™ THS 09015 Allows the packing of catalyst/reagent into cartridges with lengths of 30, 55 and 70 mm for use on H-Cube® and X-Cube™. The CatCart Packer™ contains a vacuum filling station and mechanical press.
30x4 CatCart® with one end sealed with 8 µm filter THS CC030 The cartridge is sealed at one end, allowing the user to fill the cartridge with catalyst or reagent.
70x4 CatCart® with one end sealed with 8 µm filter THS CC70 The cartridge is sealed at one end, allowing the user to fill the cartridge with catalyst or reagent.
CatCart Filter Sealing Package for 8 µm filter THS 010047 Allows the user to seal the open end of the cartridge. The filter parts come in packs of 10.

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