Flow Chemistry Services

Dead end chemistry occupying your shelves? Facing challenging chemistry, but don’t have the equipment to do it? ThalesNano can help you.

ThalesNano has 2 things that most of our competitors don’t have:

  • ThalesNano Graphisoft ParkOur own chemistry team full of flow chemistry and catalysis experts.
  • The widest range of reactors covering the largest amount of chemical space, including:
    • Phoenix Flow Reactor™: High temperature and pressure reactor for novel heterocycle and compound synthesis (up to 450°C).
    • H-Cube Pro™ and Gas Module for gas reagent chemistry from hydrogenation to oxidation.
    • The IceCube™ for low temperature and high energy reactions

ThalesNano is offering you the chance to screen your chemistry on our reactor range for 1 week for free in our laboratory using our equipment and chemistry resources. We will be able to tell you very quickly within this timeframe whether the chemistry is working or not. It’s free with no strings attached, so there’s nothing to lose.

With or without you?

We are fully capable of handling your chemistry without your presence, but some of our customers wish to see how we will work with their chemistry and have visited us here in Budapest. We are completely flexible with either option. If you decide to visit, then we would be happy to help you arrange your stay.

Why do we offer it for free?

If we get success with your chemistry, then you’ll be more interested in our reactors. It's that simple, but we don’t pressure you to buy. It’s all about chemistry!

Who have we worked with?

We are experienced in handling CDAs and MTAs with a wide range of companies from different industries including Sanofi, J&J, Givaudan, and many more.

“ThalesNano delivered to Koste Biochemicals catalyst screening and reaction optimization services of an uncompromising quality with full analytics performed in record-breaking time. A great team to work with!“

Charles Carey, Co-founder Koste Biochemicals