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H-Cube Mini Plus™

Safe, simple, and affordable hydrogenation

The newest member of our H-Cube Series of hydrogenation reactors, the H-Cube Mini Plus™, was developed as a safe, powerful, and affordable reactor. It comes with an automated drying system, which makes it even easier and more robust. The system allows water sensitive reactions to be performed and increases the simplicity of how reactions take place.


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Hydrogenation is one of the most important reactions in chemical synthesis, but the hazardous nature of hydrogen has restricted its use. The H-Cube® and H-Cube Pro™ have already eliminated the dangers associated with hydrogenation through the use of in-situ hydrogen generation and the handling of pyrophoric catalysts by filling them in sealed catalyst cartridges. This technology has been adopted by the leaders in the pharmaceutical, flavour and fragrance, fine chemical and agrochemical industries.

The H-Cube Mini Plus’s hydrogen generation system can be easily turned off to allow heterogeneously catalyzed non-hydrogenation reactions to be performed as well such as C-C coupling reactions.

The H-Cube Mini Plus™ is as a compact and easy to use instrument which meets with the budget of academia.


  • Hydrogenation without cylinders
  • No catalyst filtration
  • Fast Reactions
  • Easy to Use
  • Academia Budget Compatible
  • Built in video tutorial
  • Automated hydrogen drying system

How does it work?

  • Hydrogen is generated through electrolysis of water.
  • A continuous flow of hydrogen and solvent are passed through the reactor from ambient conditions up to 100 °C and 100 bar.
  • When desired parameters are achieved, solvent is changed to reactant
  • The hydrogen/compound is passed through a packed column containing solid catalyst (CatCart®), where the reaction takes place. The product leaves the column, but the catalyst stays behind.
  • Reductions vary in scale from 10 mg-10 g
Technical Parameters of the H-Cube Mini Plus™
Temperature Range Ambient to 100°C
Pressure Range 1 bar to 100 bar
Flow Rate 0.1 - 3 mL/min
Hydrogen Generation25-30 25-30 mL/min
Water Reservoir Capacity 100 mL
  • Width: 217 mm (8.54")
  • Height: 200 mm (7.87') with closed display, 315 mm (12.4") with opened
  • Depth: 290 mm (11.42")
Weight 7.3 kg (16.09 lb)
Voltage 100 - 240 V AC
Catalyst Amount 0.1 - 0.3 g
Concentration 0.01 - 1M


What is the main difference between the H-Cube Mini and H-Cube Mini Plus?

The H-Cube Mini Plus is an updated version of the H-Cube Mini. The main difference is the automated water drying system and the related control aspects. The changes result in increased stability of operation.

What are the main differences between H-Cube Mini Plus, H-Cube SS, and H-Cube Pro?

In short, the H-Cube Mini Plus is a simpler version of the more sophisticated H-Cube Pro, bringing back the simplicity of the H-Cube SS in a clean and modern way.

Here is the comparison table between the parameters of the H-Cube Mini Plus, H-Cube SS and H-Cube Pro

Parameter H-Cube® H-Cube Mini Plus H-Cube Pro™ Used for
Hardware related
Maximum temperature 100 °C 100 °C 150 °C Performing more difficult or different chemistry, such as oxidation with O2 from the Gas Module.
Minimum Temperature RT RT 10 °C Selective/exothermic reactions
Capacity of hydrogen production 30 mL/min 20-25 mL/min 60 mL/min Higher throughput
Inlet and Outlet Valve Switch With upgrade Not available Built in Easier semi-automated change between Solvent and Reagent, and Waste and Product on the Software. No more manually transferring the line between flasks.
Starting material introduction Manual Manual Automated through valves Controlled starting material introduction without entering air into the pump.
Software related
Timer With upgrade Not available Built in Automatic reaction running including pre- and postwashing.
Data logging and exporting Not available

Flow rate
Hydrogen pressure

What can be set, then saved:
▪ CatCart type
▪ Solvent
▪ Reagent

What is monitored over time:
▪ Bubble detector
▪ Temperature at different places
▪ Pressure (inlet, system, H2)
▪ Parameters of modules

Data can be exported so the system acts as a lab book as well.
Reaction Parameter Not available Can save reaction parameters of desired reactions or upload ThalesNano’s recommended starting conditions for various reactions. Can save reaction parameters of desired reactions or upload ThalesNano’s recommended starting conditions for various reactions. Ease of use, time saving.
Calculation Not available Not available Built in Simplex Algorithm. For faster optimization, the system recommends reaction conditions to obtain the best conversion, yield, or selectivity.
Priming Not available Part of Starting Process Part of Starting Process System will start system at high flow rate to eliminate air from the reaction line.
Hydrogen Production Change 0: No H2 Mode
100% at atm. pressure (Full H2 mode)
7% gas:liquid ratio (above atm. pressure)
0 or 100% at all pressures 0 to 100% in increments of 1 at any pressure. To obtain greater selectivity.
Manual Pressure Start Not available Not available Quickly varying the pressure. For diagnostic purposes and to bed in the teflon membrane.
External Module control Standalone operation Standalone operation Built in Full control over ThalesNano’s modules with a number of extra safety features implemented.
Automation External PC software can control:

Autosampler, CatCart Changer and H-Cube

Not available External PC software can control:

Autosampler, CatCart Changer, H-Cube Pro, Gas Module and Phoenix Flow Reactor

Allows automated catalyst screening and/or reaction optimization of even triphasic reactions other than hydrogenation

Can the H-Cube Mini Plus be used by undergraduate students?

Yes, chemists at any level can easily learn how to use the H-Cube Mini Plus within minutes. The H-Cube Mini Plus is the first instrument helping the users with embedded support videos about general use and troubleshooting.

Can I get any help in making the learning process and the implementation of the technique into the practical session faster?

Yes, you can either contact our chemistry team for advice by email at, or we can provide you the Practical Lab Book for the H-Cube Mini Plus.

Are the standard CatCart sizes available for the H-Cube Mini Plus?

Yes, both the 30 mm and 70 mm sizes are compatible.

Is the H-Cube Mini Plus compatible with the Autosampler systems?

No, the system will not be compatible with ThalesNano AutoSampler system.

Can you react other gases or perform other non-hydrogenation chemistries on the H-Cube Mini Plus?

The system is able to work with the modules only in their stand alone working mode lacking any software control.

Can I perform deuteration reactions?

Yes. Just change deionized water to D2O

What other type of reaction can I perform with the H-Cube Mini Plus?

Coupling reactions, such as Suzuki and Heck reactions are generally performed in our H-Cube Series reactors. Also reactions were enzymes are used showed greater results than in batch mode.

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