Micro HPLC Pump

ThalesNano is providing a new pump compatible with the H-Cube® and H-Cube Pro™ that improves greatly on the current pump in several ways:

• Higher accuracy and greater reliability
• Simpler to service
• Capable of transferring liquified gases i.e liquid ammonia
• More affordable

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• Compact, small system
. ▫ Height: 127mm (5'')
. ▫ Width: 76,2 mm (3'')
. ▫ Depth: 250 mm (9.84'')

• 316 stainless steel pump head
• Ruby Ball/Sapphire Seat Check Valves
• Microprocessor advanced controll
• Interactive Digital Keypad, RS-232 PC Control & Monitoring, Remote Run/Stop
• Positive Displacement Provides Consistent Flow Rates with Varying Back Pressure
• External 24-Volt Power Supply - Universal Input: 90-260 VAC / 50-60Hz
• ETChrom and other PC drivers available; Multiple Unit Control (up to 4 pumps) with SCU Handheld Controller - see SCU data sheet

Why do we have a new pump?

We would like to offer to current and future customers a more reliable and versatile pump, which is easier to maintain at a more affordable price.

What are the main technical differences?

The new Micro HPLC pump has two separate zones, one to deliver the liquid at high pressure, alike all the HPLC pumps, and an additional one, which is responsible for self flushing. The self flushing option keeps the head of the Micro HPLC Pump clean, and allows the cleaning of the head without disassembly. This methodology dramatically extends the lifetime of the HPLC head and the check valves. Finally the check valves are replaced without the removal of the pump head.

Pump Head with two zones
Pump head with the two zones
· Blue: High pressure pump seal
· Green: Self-flushing pump head

Tests carried out in comparison to our older model pump show that the new Micro HPLC Pump is more accurate and has a lower standard deviation ( <1% ).


Can I directly replace this Micro HPLC Pump with the existing one I am currently using with my H-Cube/H-Cube Pro?

Yes, both the H-Cube and the H-Cube Pro can control the new, Micro HPLC Pump

Can I use the Micro HPLC Pump with the Manual Injection System?

Yes, exactly in the same way as with your current pump.

What is the flow rate range of the Micro HPLC Pump?

Independently from the H-Cube or H-Cube Pro systems the pump flow rate range is: 0.01-10 mL/min. When the pump is connected to the H-Cube, then it is limited to 0.1-3 mL/min. With the H-Cube Pro it is 0.3-3 mL/min.

Was the stability of the minimum flow rate tested?

Yes, and we found that the Micro HPLC Pump has a high accuracy in flow rate even when the flow rate is 0.15 mL/min

What is the maximum pressure that can be used without fluctuation when the flow rate is set to 0.1 mL/min?

According to the tests we run we recommend the use of a maximum 80 bar reaction pressure with a flow rate of 0.1 mL/min?

How often shall I use the self flushing option?

The self flushing occurs continuously while the pump is working normally. We don’t recommend that the pump is used without this feature.

What solvents can be used with the Micro HPLC pump?

All portions of the Micro HPLC Pump that contact the liquid are manufactured of type 316 stainless steel, ceramic, sapphire, or ruby. Even THF can be used.

Solvents not recommended to be used:

· Aqua Regia
· Bromine
· Chlorine Anhydrous
· Copper Chloride
· Ferric Chloride Iodine
· Ferrous Chloride
· Freon 12 (wet)
· Guanidine
· Hydrobromic Acid
· Hydrofluoric Acid
· Hydrofluorsilicic Acid
· Hydrogen Peroxide

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