ThalesNano flow chemistry reactors have been widely adopted by the pharmaceutical drug discovery industry, including all major pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies as well as universities and academic institutions. In addition our technology is used in industries like API manufacture, crop science, and food and fragrance. We are present in over 20 countries in four continents. Currently 20 out of the top 20 Pharma, 5 out of the top 10 Agrochemical and 4 out of the top 5 Flavour and Fragrance companies use our reactors.

From our satisfied customers:

"I am extremely pleased with small footprint of the unit as well how easy it is to operate. Switching out catalyst is very simple, making a range of hydrogenations possible. The ability to increase both temperature and pressure has significantly reduced the amount of time needed for many difficult reactions that often took days in a traditional reactor. The last bonus is that we no longer need to keep dangerous hydrogen tanks in the lab".
Dr. Malika Jeffries-El, Associate Professor, Boston University

"The H-Cube Pro is a valid ally to solve chemical problems or to speed up reactions. We've used it to do also cycloaddiction reactions, not possible in batch."

Monica Viviano, Post-doc in Medicinal Chemistry, University of Salerno

“We have used Thales Nano equipment ever since 2005 and found it to be extremely useful in our flow chemistry Innovative Technology Centre at Cambridge. We have enjoyed and value our collaboration with Thales Nano over the years and hope this will continue into the future.”
Professor Steven Ley, Professor of Chemistry & Director of Research Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge

"I am extremely please with the quality of the equipment in terms of robustness, ruggadization, ease of use, small compact footprint and safety of process chemistry. These tools are so safe and easy to use that the main stream research and development is becoming the tool of high school children. This can lead to the motivation for the young children to learn, appreciate and get hooked on to the wonderful world of chemistry. Due to the compactness and safety, these instruments can be installed in very little space and can work even in any corner of the home without any issue of smell or contamination"
Dr. Anil Kumar, IIT Bombay

"Our H-cube / H-cube pro, just work. A Simple, reliable and wonderfully robust, the ease of cartridge swapping just adds to the convenience of method development. Used by high school through to postdoctoral level researchers they have permitted unprecedented access to novel analogues. We have changed to our medicinal chemistry efforts to better build on their exceptional screening, synthesis and scale up capabilities."

Professor Adam McCluskey, Head (Interim), School of Environmental & Life Sciences; Director, The University of Newcastle Priority Research Centre for Chemical Biology

"Our H-Cube-Pro has allowed us to extraordinarily simplify our investigations around hydrogenations. These reactions have been always a safety issue in our lab, due the use of hydrogen cylinders, but now we can forget about them. Furthermore, Thalesnano has given us always a great support in our researches."

"It's good to see how Thales Nano developes instruments that I have thought about. E.g.: production of hydrogen for
whatever, cooling, different gas management, ozone generation..."


"The ThalesNano Phoenix flow reactor was instrumental for the success of our work on the activation of red phosphorus in solution. The access to this technology allowed us to scale-up the fascinating reaction between red phosphorus and potassium ethoxide, which caused a lot of excitement in the inorganic chemistry community. The ThalesNano support had been great in helping us to achieve our goal."
Michael Shatruk, Florida State University

"The H-cube allowed us to integrate a number of different reductions into our chemical assembly-line system for the production of APIs. The modularity and versatility of the H-cube would have been difficult to replicate with homemade equipment."
Dr. Kerry Gilmore, Group Leader, Continuous Chemical Systems, Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces

"ThalesNano has built good reputation in the micro-reactor field. They are highly responsive to address customer's technical problems and provide required training and services. Close collaboration with leading R&D group(s) world wide positions the Corps in the frontier of this field since new applications emerges from time to time."
Jie Li, Principal Chemical Engineer, Argonne National Lab.

"Continue like this."
Nikitidis Grigorios, AstraZeneca

"We are happy with the capabilities of the H-cube system in performing reductions on a wide array of chemistries and functional groups. The system is well used by many chemists here at Evotec"
Mark Kerry, Principal Scientist, Evotec

"N-Benzyl deprotection can be challenging, especially on smaller scale reactions where the use of a larger reactor is not ideal. Having a system such as the H-Cube that permits us to modulate the pressure and temperature, as well as being in flow, allowed us to succeed in the N-benzyl removal of molecules containing acid sensitive functional groups such as acetals or lactones. Moreover, the palladium cartidges are lasting a long time, so it is a pretty cost efficient system."
Milan Bergeron-Brlek, M. Sc., Ph.D. candidate, Simon Fraser University

“The H-cube midi allowed us to perform hydrogenations with far greater safety and convenience than traditional methods involving bottled hydrogen gas. The catalyst cartridges are easily swapped allowing fast optimization of reaction conditions. The user interface is straightforward and robust. Overall, I would recommend this product to any scientist interested in improving how they perform hydrogenation chemistry.”
Joseph C. McAuliffe, PhD, Analytical Group Leader, DuPont Industrial Biosciences

“I think you are great."
Jacinto Sa, Department of Chemistry - Ångström Laboratory, Physical Chemistry, Uppsala University

"Excellent after-sales service. The reparation was done fast and efficiently."

"Extreme conditions made easy!"