ThalesNano, a leading provider of flow chemistry instrumentation is now represented by United BioChannels in North America

ThalesNano is excited to announce that we have partnered with United BioChannels (UBC) to enhance commercial activities, including customer support for our products in North America. UBC specializes in the development and implementation of proven marketing and sales strategies for life science companies and has built a reputation on enabling novel, impactful technologies to scientists worldwide.

In response to the needs of the customers, ThalesNano developed a novel generation of bench-top chemical reactor dedicated to solving everyday challenges in laboratory scale synthesis. The PhotoCube™ can help making the flow chemistry part of the daily laboratory routine and to make chemical processes safer, easier and more effective.

About United BioChannels
United BioChannels (UBC) is a life science brand management company providing full-service sales and marketing that de-risks the commercial development process for companies and their investors.