Meet us at ACHEMA 2022!

Come and check out ThalesNano’s latest developments at our stand F13 in hall 4.1!

Ask our application chemists directly or just meet and let’s talk about flow chemistry. Let us know when would you visit us and we book you an appointment!

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Take a look at the second edition of ThalesNano’s versatile heater module, the Phoenix™ II Flow Reactor!

It makes chemical processes even more effective and significantly safer, while keeping the best features of its original version.

By offering extended chemical parameter window and the option to perform homogeneous and heterogeneous reactions with the same instrument, it is a versatile module for your laboratory. Thanks to the new design, it is now much easier to set up and handle the reactor. Addition of other modules and options for automation will give you a completely new toolbox to work with.

Our hydrogen generator now offers improved performance for your laboratory.

The H-Genie® II offers variable gas flow rates, reaction monitoring, and pressure capability for an expanded chemical space and more precise reaction design. It is an ideal solution for providing high-pressure hydrogen for both batch and flow chemistry applications.

With the H-Genie® II, you can use high purity hydrogen gas for your reactions, generated on-demand from water at pressures up to 100 bar (14.5–1450 psi) and at flow rates up to 1 NL/min. Make your laboratory safer and expand your chemical capabilities by replacing your hydrogen cylinders with the H-Genie®!

Celebrate our 20-year anniversary with us!

We are both proud and feel honored to be able to share this 20-year journey with you, since the company was founded in 2002. A lot of years have passed, and we are still driven by our vision to bring flow chemistry into the daily work practice of every chemistry laboratory. We are happy to see you share are passion for flow chemistry.

Visit our booth at Achema 2022, share your best memories with us, and see how well you know ThalesNano with our anniversary quiz!

We also would like to thank our customers and all of our colleagues for their support, and for making all these years possible.