Gergely Darvas

Board Member, CEO

Gergely Darvas started his career in commercial real estate, then he led the Hungarian American Chamber of Commerce New Jersey in Budapest for two years until 2000. He joined the family business in 2001, first as a Director of Marketing at CompuDrug International, a US based pharmaceutical software company. He became a Chief Operating Officer at ThalesNano, a leading flow chemistry technology company until 2009. During this period, the company grown to the largest flow chemistry instrumentation company in the industry. Later he helped creating, funding and nurturing technology startups and were serving as a Board Member at the Cambridge (UK) based Nuformix until 2016, at the Ireland based Druggability Technologies and ComInnex. He still serving the Board of Aromax since 2012 and lately the new startup Smartaromix, and has an operative role as an investment director at Darholding.

He is a founder and Vice President of the Hungarian Spin-Off Association; holder of the R&D 100's Award and Duna TV’s distinguished Entrepreneur of the Year of 2007. He served 2 years as a Chair of the Audit Committee of the Family Business Network in Hungary. He holds a Professional Diploma in Management from Open University Milton Keys UK/Eurocontact Business School and an entrepreneurship management from Instituto de Empresa, Madrid.

Alex Drijver

Board Member, Head of Strategic Development

Alex is a founder and former CEO of ThalesNano. He had a number of operating roles at the company between 2002 and 2007. Earlier he was chief financial officer at ComGenex Inc. and vice president of ABN AMRO Bank in London and then in Budapest. Before joining ABN AMRO, Mr. Drijver worked in different financial and investment related positions in London for 10 years. In April 2015, he was appointed as the CEO of ComInnex Inc., after 7 years as CEO of ChemAxon, a leader in providing chemical software development platforms for the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

Since February 2018, he continues to serve as a board member of ThalesNano and as head of strategic development, whilst remaining CEO of ThalesNano’s sister company, ComInnex Inc. He is the holder of the R&D 100’s Award and the Hungarian Venture Capital Association’s SME of the Year Award and served on the Board of the Pistoia Alliance (a cross industry alliance to bring down barriers to open innovation in pharmaceutical research IT) from 2010 to 2015.

Adrienn Nemeth

Head of Sales & Marketing

Adrienn Nemeth joined ThalesNano in 2019 as Global Distributor Manager. She was promoted to be head of sales and marketing in December 2019.

She is a biochemist by profession and graduated at Eötvös Loránd University, Faculty of Science in 2009. She worked in academic research for 10 years at the Institute of Pathophysiology, Semmelweis University and Insitute of Enzimology, Research Center for Natural Sciences, Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Afterwards she joined Femtonics Ltd. for 3 years where she worked as an international sales manager.

Janos Takacs

Chief Technology Officer

Janos joined ThalesNano in 2019 to develop the newly established production of the Energy Division at the Budapest site.

In 2020, he took over operational control of Thalesnano in manufacturing and logistics. Prior to ThalesNano, Janos worked as a production director and technical director at medical diagnostic and other instrument manufacturing companies.

He has nearly 20 years of manufacturing experience. He graduated as a mechanical engineer from the University of Miskolc. He has been involved in setting up several spin-off and startup companies as a consultant or owner.


Levente Juhasz

Head of Quality Management

Levente joined ThalesNano in 2008 and since then he is responsible for variety of different development, quality and granting projects.

He received his M.Sc. in the field of mechanical engineering in 2009 and post gradual degree in engineer-economics in 2016. He is responsible for technology development, fulfillment of specification and project communication in instrument development projects. He also participated in IT projects which aim were to support R&D and value-added processes (ERP and Workflow management projects).

As head of quality management, his goal is to maintain and increase quality processes within ThalesNano according to the ISO regulations.