Flash Pyrolysis Platform Application Notes

The following application notes show the wide range of chemical reactions and synthetic methods which can be implemented with our Flash Pyrolysis Platform.


Flash vacuum pyrolysis, the key step in the synthesis of a novel oxadiazolo-pyrimidinone library

While a number of avenues are available to organic chemists for the synthesis of novel structures, it has also been shown that chemists employ a relatively small chemical technology toolbox that is limiting the potentially attainable chemical space, in conventional laboratories all around the world. It is especially true once extreme process conditions are applied in order to attain the desired, (in most cases novel) compounds. In response to these limitations and needs, we have developed and launched the Flash Pyrolysis Platform onto the market that reaches beyond the already known capabilities of the usual vacuum flash pyrolysis instruments by enabling one to apply non-volatile starting materials as well, via our own interchangeable vaporizer system.