Other Application Notes


Guideline towards the synthesis of 3D shaped N-heterocycles

This guide provides information on the optimized, general conditions for the hydrogenation of different N-heterocycles in order to easily generate novel compounds with a higher sp3/sp2 ratio.


Optimization of N-alkylation in the Phoenix Flow Reactor using 45 MHz picoSpin bench-top NMR for monitoring

Flow chemistry is a widely accepted technique in the synthesis field and makes optimization fast and convenient. Benchtop NMR instruments allow chemists to measure 1H NMR spectra directly in the fume hood and monitor pseudo-real-time behavior of reaction chemistries.


Reaction optimization and real-time analysis using ThalesNano’s platform and Mettler Toledo’s FlowIR™ spectrometer

In this application note we report on the optimization of hydrogenation, oxidation and ring-closing reactions and their real-time analysis. Homogeneous and heterogeneous reactions were performed in ThalesNano’s H-Cube® Pro, Gas Module™ and Phoenix Flow Reactor™ systems, while these reactions were monitored by Mettler Toledo’s FlowIR™ device.