PhotoCubeTM Application Notes

The following application notes show the wide range of chemical reactions and synthetic methods which can be implemented in our PhotoCube systems.


Two-step telescoped photocatalytic Minisci reaction in continuous flow with the Phoenix Flow Reactor™ and the PhotoCube™

Photochemistry, especially the well-documented Minisci reaction offers a particularly useful approach to create new C(sp2)-C(sp3) bonds, however, traditional batch procedures often require long reaction times (27-44 hours).

Continuous flow technology enables the acceleration of the reaction, furthermore, multiple synthetic steps can be merged into one sequence with careful planning, resulting in higher yields.

Considering such benefits, our aim was to decrease the reaction times and increase the yield of a two-step synthetic process, including the formation of a N-(acyloxy) phthalimide (NAP) intermediate and a Minisci reaction starting from lepidine.