Care Platform™ Memberships (CPM)

About the Care Platform™ Membership program

Heading towards a more personalized approach of customer care, we doubled up on the number of specialists who are eager to help addressing your challenges. Our new product selector tool also meant to be a convenient option to find the best fit to your lab’s needs.

In line with our intention taking customer care to the next level, we are also launching Care Platform™ Memberships. On top of an annual preventive maintenance visit, complimentary software updates and the second to none technical support, extensive set of services and allowances are now also on offer:

  • Remote AskTheChemist™ specialist support, workflow optimization and training
  • Complimentary Journal of Flow Chemistry subscription
  • Pre-release access to Application Notes
  • Assistance with your Centre of Excellence accreditation
  • Flexible finance solutions to support your purchase and ease on the Capex budget
  • On-site AskTheChemist™ flow chemistry knowledge support in your lab at reduced rates
  • Solving flow chemistry challenges in our own laboratory with a discount
  • Reduced CatCart® prices and fastest delivery from the widest selection in our webshop
  • Preferential rates with our chemical CRO sister company, ComInnex

We remain at your disposal in terms of sharing knowledge and expertise, acquired over nearly two decades, to help you make the most of flow chemistry. Feel free to contact us for further details and introductory offers.

Warranty options

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