Flow-Chemistry Scale-up Services

Scaling up in flow chemistry from lab scale to product production

Continuous manufacturing has received increased attention in the last two decades. The growing number of continuous processes is largely driven by the following:



  • Enabler for more exotic/hazardous chemistries. Inherent control of exo- and endothermic reactions, fast chemistry, multi-stage chemistry, unstable compounds
  • Exposure / Operator safety: Orders of magnitude smaller volumes of material/solvents, Lower concentration/amounts of toxic reagents/materials.



  • “On-demand” product manufacturing
  • Faster & easier development / scale up – time to market


Increased Efficiency: Quality and Cost of Product

  • Better controlled processes, less batch failures
  • FDA filings: Process Analytical Technology (PAT) & Quality by design (QbD) – control space
  • Savings: $ / kg material (productivity): yield, reaction & process time, manufacturing space

Our flow chemistry systems are not only advantageous for small-scale chemistry but, once the optimization has been made, the conditions can be easily adapted (increasing flow rate) to produce hundreds of grams or even kiloscale of the desired product.


  • Our team of highly skilled chemists has decades of expertise in managing flow projects featuring complex synthetic sequences.
  • Our team are technologically equipped to handle even the most challenging of reactions, professionally and safely, such as: hydrogenation, reductive alkylation, amination, C-C and C-N cross coupling, oxidation, nitration, synthesis of N-heterocycles, photochemistry, metathesis, etc.
  • Our chemists, paired with our state-of-the-art flow reactors, provide a second to none combination of know-how and technology for quality custom synthesis of unique compounds with capabilities of room temperature-+450°C and from vacuum to 100 bars.
  • The analytical team can provide complete analytical support, including NMR, HPLC, LCMS, preparative HPLC, GCMS, ICP, XRD, DTG, FT-IR, optical rotation. Upon request a summary or publication-ready synthetic protocols are also provided.


  • Production of compounds from hundred-grams to kilogram scaled quantities per day
  • Route scouting using continuous flow technology
  • Feasibility studies and process demonstration
  • Following feasibility study, full technology solution offering for purchase.
  • Process optimization and intensification
  • Heterogeneous catalyst screening (>50 catalysts on stock, mostly for hydrogenations)
  • Elaborating in-line analytical processes next to remotely controlled instrumentation by LabVIEW platforms


  • The Phoenix Flow Reactor™ is an easy-to-use flow reactor platform designed for high temperature and high-pressure reactions, enabling the synthesis of novel compounds in a parameter space not achievable with standard laboratory equipment.
  • With our Phoenix Flow Reactor™ a wide range of homo and heterogeneous (packed bed reactor) high temperature chemistry up to 450 °C and 100 bars can be carried out even in the case of corrosive materials.
  • The system can be used with various gases, e.g. our H-Genie hydrogen generator coupled with Phoenix Flow Reactor for low kilogram hydrogenation.
  • The H-Genie® is a compact hydrogen generator that utilises patented pressure cell technology to produce 4.0 purity H2 from water at pressures up to 100 bar (14.5–1450 psi) at flow rates up to 1 NL/min. The system is designed to be used in any laboratory as a safer and simpler replacement for hydrogen cylinders and to expand your chemistry capabilities.
  • Metal-metal sealed cartridges with fittings from 1/8” OD to 1” OD with 125 mm and 250 mm lengths for custom applications.
  • Loops: 16 or 40 mL stainless steel, PTFE or Hastelloy loops are available.