Meet our new products

In response to the needs of our customers, we have developed a novel generation of bench-top chemical reactors dedicated to solving everyday challenges in laboratory scale synthesis.

Scientists are always looking for ways to make reaction screening and optimization simpler and more efficient.  The new MicroCube™ system enables test reactions to be performed within minutes with instant results.
Chemists are increasingly turning to photochemistry to design and synthesize new molecules. The new PhotoCube™ systems add unique value to this field through combining batch and flow technologies for screening and scale up.
The Dual-Channel Gas Module™ and the Back Pressure Module 300™ enable a greater use of gaseous reagents in order to access a wider chemical space – of particular importance in petrochemical research.


Ultrafast heterogeneous reaction screening

The new MicroCube™ system gives you the ideal chemical route-scouting technology to get instant feedback on the success of your chemistry. Reactions can be performed in 1-3 minutes on microgram scale. With the easy-to-use portable reactor, a range of heterogeneous reactions can be screened, for example hydrogenation or C-C coupling.


Flow photochemistry made simple

With the new PhotoCube™, ThalesNano gives you the tool to perform effective single-wavelength continuous flow photochemical reactions with a budget friendly system. Additional wavelengths, self-assembly and ready-to-use options are available, tailored to your needs!

PhotoCube™ Pro

Batch and flow in one reactor with 7+1 wavelengths

Various configurations can be applied to a diverse set of batch, flow, stop-flow and CSTR photochemical reactions. Options for multicolor and UV LEDs enable you to apply up to 7 wavelengths, in addition to white, even simultaneously. The PhotoCube™ Pro is available as a self-assembly kit or ready-to-use.

Dual-Channel Gas Module™

Reliable dosing control of two gases

The new Dual-Channel Gas Module™ enables the application of two different gases or gas mixtures simultaneously up to 100 bar pressure. Reactions such as hydroformylation or reagent gas combined with an inert gas can be performed in a safe, reliable and controlled manner.

Back Pressure Module 300™

Reaching new heights

Higher pressure reactions give access to a wider range of chemistries. The new Back Pressure Module 300™ allows the safe and stable handling of gas/liquid mixtures up to 300 bar (4350 psi). The unit is operated via a touch screen interface for convenient application.