Dual-channel Gas Module™

Reliable dosing control of two gases

Delivery in 2020 Q1!

The Dual-Channel Gas Module™ can be used in combination with the H-Cube® Pro and with the Phoenix Flow Reactor™ systems to allow two different gases to be used up to 100 bar pressure enabling smooth petrochemical research and development purposes. Important petrochemical transformations utilizing gas mixtures, such as hydroformylation can be performed at high pressures in a safe, reliable and highly controlled manner:

  • Two separate gas sources can be connected to the Dual-Channel Gas Module™ which controls the gas flow rates and pressures
  • The pressure of the gas source should be between 25 and 140 bar
  • The user can select the applicable gases from the list of the Dual-Channel Gas Module™ or set the properties of a new gas
  • The built-in mass flow controllers guarantee the accurate dosing of the gases, even at high pressures
Versatile Compatible gases: compressed air, O2, CO, ethylene, SynGas, CH4, C2H6, He, H2, N2, N2O, NO, Ar, CO2 (after preheating)
Other gases with well-known thermodynamic properties and compatibility can be introduced
Powerful Capability for performing heterogeneous reactions at up to 100 bar pressure
Robust All high quality stainless steel parts

Compatible systems

H-Cube® Pro

The Dual-Channel Gas Module™ can be connected to the H-Cube® Pro, enabling the introduction of other gas than hydrogen, such as carbon monoxide, oxygen or Syngas. The user can choose from 14 gases to be used at up to 100 bar using the touch screen control of the H-Cube® Pro.

Phoenix Flow Reactor™

The Phoenix Flow Reactor™ is a powerful instrument which can be heated up to 450 °C and is compatible with multiple types and sizes of reaction zones (CatCarts®, MidiCarts™, coils, metal-metal sealed catalyst columns). When the Dual-Channel Gas Module™ is connected with the Phoenix Flow Reactor™, it is possible to set up a system to perform catalytic gas reactions with one or more gases. For gas-liquid catalytic reactions in the Phoenix Flow Reactor™, the Dual-Channel Gas Module™, with the aid of a gas-liquid mixer, introduces the gases into the flowing reactant solution moved by an HPLC pump in the form of a flow of microscopic bubbles. Then, this gas-starting material solution will enter the reaction zone.