Ultrafast heterogeneous chemistry in the palm of your hand

Delivery in 2020 Q1!

Surveys show that 20–40% of the effort made by chemists in organic synthesis is devoted to reaction screening: checking whether the reaction can be performed or not, or, alternatively, the conversion/yield/enantiomeric excess is meeting the expectations.
ThalesNano, the inventor of the game changer H-Cube® series has developed a direct solution for this problem: a portable reactor for heterogeneous catalytic reactions which allows the user to make quick decisions about the reaction routes and conditions. Results can be obtained within just a few minutes, using minimum quantities of the valuable starting materials and producing 0.1–2 mg quantities of the end product at elevated pressures (50 bar) and temperatures (130°C).


Ideal route-scouting technology
Instant feedback on reaction success
Reactions in 1 to 3 minutes resulting 0.1-2 milligram samples
Reactions with gases
First application on hydrogenation
Easy-to-use portable reactor
MicroCatCart™ technology

How does it work?

Almost as simple as pipetting samples:
1. Set the reaction conditions.
2. Aspirate the sample into the instrument through the pipette tip.
3. Start the reaction by turning the knob.
4. Collect and take the sample directly to the HPLC, obtaining the results within minutes.
5. The full cycle takes only 4-6 minutes allowing up to 120 reactions to be performed within a single working day.

Technical data

Temperature range From room temperature to 130°C
Pressure range From atmospheric pressure to 50 bar
Reaction volume 50-150 μL
Compatible pre-filled cartridges MicroCatCarts™
Typical catalyst amount 12-50 mg