OzonePro™ Ozone Generators

OzonePro40 and OzonePro100 Ozone Generators

The maximum ozone output of our instruments:

  • OzonePro40: 40 g/h
  • OzonePro100: 100 g/h


Ozone is an effective disinfectioner against all harmful organisms. Atomic oxigen formed during the decay of ozone is a very strong oxidizing material, capable of destroying all microorganisms (mold, bacteria, virusparticulums) in air or on surfaces. The quick reaction time eliminates the chance of microorganisms being able to develop immunity against the method.

After the disinfectioning the ozone transforms into atmospheric oxygen, there will be no residual chemicals, toxis waste or harmful odours. Ozone can be generated on site and does not require storage.

Compared to the output of small industrial appliances (10 g/hour) we are offering a more efficient solution.

The ozone generator converts some of the air’s oxygen content into ozone

Controlled ozone concentration supported and maintained by sensors. Residual ozone is decomposed at the end of the process.

Disinfected air and surfaces, a clean working environment, prevention, comfort.

An engineered treatment procedure based on a scientific, chemical engineering background.

Controlled ozone concentration supported and maintained by local sensors. Residual ozone is decomposed at the end of the process.

Verified and documented data in the measurement records at the end of the delivered project.

Our ozone generators are highly effective with an impressive output; we are providing a comprehensive training on how to operate our appliances safely





  1. Oxygen molecule
  2. Bondage breaks
  3. Ozone molecule created
  4. Reaction of ozone molecule and pathogen
  5. Pathogen destroys, ozone molecule transforms into oxygen molecule
Voltage: 230 V AC
Ozone generation: up to 100 g/h
Disinfecting output: 500 m3/h
Control panel: 3,2" touch screen
Material: aluminum
Size: 36*36*30 cm
Weight: 12 kg

Disinfecting process

Treatment/Exposure time*

*: The room’s unique layout may change alter during the effective disinfection times.
**: O3 concentration between 4-5 ppm, duration: 15 m.