Pressure Module 300™ – prototype

Widening the available chemical space

With our pressure regulator (prototype), reactions can be performed up to 300 bar (4650 psi) pressure in a safe and controlled manner. Improved stability is ensured by the two separate system pressure valves.

About the system

The Pressure Module 300™ is an easy-to-use motorized back pressure regulator designed to control the pressure of the connected flow chemical system in a reliable and convenient manner. It is equipped with a touch screen on which customers can set up the desired conditions.


  • Pressure up to 300 bar (4650 psi)
  • Improved stability
  • Outlet switch valve


Working pressure range: 60-300 bar (870-4650 psi)
Applicable flow rates: 0.3 -10 mL/min for liquids
Pressure precision: ± 2 bar (30 psi)