ReactIR 702L

Follow your reactions with live in-line analysis.

ReactIR is an infrared spectrophotometer from Mettler Toledo, designed to monitor the progress of batch or flow chemistry reactions in situ. It can be equipped with a probe for batch reactions, or a 10 µL flow cell. This instrument allows easy conversion monitoring by detecting the disappearance of a characteristic peak of the starting material, and/or detecting the appearance of a peak of the target compound.  It also makes it possible to detect intermediates, which potentially gives the chemists a better understanding about the mechanism and scope of the reaction.


  • Regular measurements of normal IR spectra using the probe function
  • In-line analytical data collection during reactions
  • Conversion monitoring, in situ intermediate detection
  • Live optimization of flow chemistry experiments based on reaction mixture spectra


  • Runs 24/7 without liquid nitrogen cooling
  • Infrared light reflects 8 times within the sample space, resulting in high sensitivity and excellent signal to noise ratio
  • Built-in automatic peak picking algorithm with functional group intelligence
  • Modern, intuitive and user-friendly software
  • Data can be fed to automated control systems to change your reaction parameters according to previous measurement results, allowing easy optimizations
  • 10 µL flow cell designed to minimize interference (see following scheme:)


Application example

ThalesNano has successfully applied ReactIR 702L to monitor the conversion of the reduction of nitroindole into the corresponding amine in a PhoenixTM+H-Genie® reactor system at low concentration (0.05M) of the starting material. If you are interested in a step-by-step breakdown on how this was achieved, please click the button below.



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Compatible systems

ReactIR 702L is compatible with all ThalesNano Instruments. For more information contact us!

Detector TypeTE MCT
Optical range (base unit)800-4000 cm-1
Probe optical window650-4000 cm-1
Flow cell optical window650-4000 cm-1
Resolution±4 cm-1
Parameter tolerance of probe180 °C, 69 bar (Fiber Probe) or 300 °C, 206 bar (Sentinel)
Parameter tolerance of flow cell60°C, 35 bar
Dimensions234mm x 100mm x 206mm
Weight4,2 kg
Communication port typeUSB