Message from the CEO

Since ThalesNano was founded 11 years ago, we are very proud of the market leader position we have achieved in providing flow chemistry solutions to our customers. Our management team of chemists has been deeply committed to expanding the horizons of chemistry with a goal to give chemists a real solution where it enables them to perform new chemistry, make dangerous chemistry safer, or difficult chemistry simpler and faster. This philosophy is ingrained in our products, which enable scientists to realize new chemistries through innovative technologies, which offer a wider chemistry space, a safer method, and a simpler process. Whether it is inventing an electrolytic cell for high pressure hydrogen generation to overcome hydrogen cylinders or developing a high temperature flash system for novel heterocycle synthesis we always seek to give chemists something new through real innovation.

We only create solutions where we feel flow chemistry can offer a real advantage. Now with our new system, the IceCube™, we believe we have the complete range of reactors that cover all the main areas where we believe flow chemistry can benefit you.

  • Safer and simpler reaction of high energy materials.
  • Safer reaction with reagent gases.
  • High temperature and pressure capabilities for speeding up or creating new chemistries.

With the chemistry world constantly changing, we understand that chemists are under more pressure to deliver results in less time with less resources. ThalesNano has developed two new offerings to help you meet this challenge:

  • The first is our new chemistry application team. Whether through e-mail at or through this website’s new forum you will be able to speak to a chemist who can help you get your results fast. You can also tell us how we can improve or if you have new ideas for flow chemistry that we can adopt into our product line.
  • The second makes use of our own chemistry team. We now offer a free short-term chemistry service where you can send us your difficult or dead end chemistry and we will try to solve it for you. We will be able to tell you within a few days whether it will work or not. Please ask our chemists for more details.

We are proud of our partnership with our users and we look forward to working even closer together to meet the challenges of both today and tomorrow.


Alex Drijver