CatCart Packer

Fill your own CatCarts

Safe and easy catalyst handling

The CatCart Packer empowers users to efficiently pack their own catalysts and reagents into cartridges, facilitating rapid catalyst screening, testing, and reaction optimization. With this versatile instrument, users can explore the potential benefits of utilizing flow reactors for their current chemistry and processes, unlocking new levels of speed and efficiency.

CatCart Packer

Features of the CatCart Packer

Simple: Obtain your own CatCarts in just two easy steps.

Safe: The CatCart Packer prioritizes safety with its built-in features. Equipped with a water trap and a filter, it effectively captures any waste catalyst, preventing its dispersion in the laboratory environment. Additionally, it minimizes the risk of fire in the case of using pyrophoric catalysts.

How does the CatCart Packer work?

The CatCart Packer consists of three essential components:

Vacuum system: The vacuum system plays a crucial role in the packing process. It securely holds the empty CatCart® column in place while applying a vacuum at the bottom end of the column. This vacuum effectively draws the catalyst into the cartridge, ensuring precise filling.

CatCart filter and sealing system: Once the appropriate amount of catalyst is placed inside the column, the cartridge should be sealed securely. This system ensures a tight and secure seal, preventing any catalyst leakage or contamination.

Mechanical press:  To complete the packing process, the mechanical press is employed to firmly seal the CatCart, ensuring a reliable and leak-free closure.

By combining these three components, the CatCart® Packer enables users to conveniently pack their own catalysts into cartridges with precision and reliability.

Technical data

Dimensions of the mechanical press:
Width: 22 cm
Length: 30 cm
Height: min: 40 cm; max: 53 cm

13.5 kg

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