Solvent resistance

Check whether the chemicals you are planning to use on your ThalesNano reactor are compatible with the system or not. Using this guide will help prolong the lifetime of the reaction line and parts.

Select your ThalesNano flow reactor from the options below. On the page you will find a table containing information on solvent resistance. Scroll down the table until you find the chemical you wish to use with the system. Use the chemical rating guide and the Notes column in the table to decide whether you can proceed with using the chemical with your system or not. If any of the chemicals are rated B or C with the reactor, then it is not recommended to be used with the system. Please note that cyclohexane and toluene are not recommended solvents as they can interact with the sealing of the HPLC pump.

If the chemical you wish to use does not have a rating for PEEK or stainless steel, or if you are still unsure about using the chemical with your ThalesNano system, please contact us at for clarification.