Hydrogen gas generators

On-demand hydrogen generation to eliminate hydrogen cylinders

On-demand hydrogen generation

The H-Genie® and H-Genie® Lite are user-friendly and compact hydrogen generators. These systems incorporate innovative patented technology, allowing you to produce high-purity hydrogen gas at pressures of up to 50/100 bar (725/1450 psi) and flow rates of up to 1 NL/min. With their purposeful design, these systems offer a safer and more convenient alternative to hydrogen cylinders, making them an excellent addition to any laboratory. By using these devices, you can expand your chemistry capabilities while simplifying your hydrogenation processes.

Do you have questions?

At ThalesNano, we are dedicated to help you to find the right solutions and ideal flow reactor configurations for your hydrogenation experiments. That's why we offer the AsktheChemist service, connecting you directly with our team of Experts. Whether you have questions, need advice, or require assistance, our knowledgeable Application Chemists are here to help you. Reach out to us at any time, and experience fast and efficient support tailored to your specific needs.

Hydrogen generators for every laboratory

ThalesNano offers the H-Genie® hydrogen generators to mitigate the risks associated with hydrogen. By replacing hydrogen cylinders, the H-Genie® reduces the risk of explosion and fire as it generates hydrogen "on demand" with no stored hydrogen. It also has safety features such as an internal hydrogen sensor, automatic shutdown in case of leaks or gas pressure failure, water leak detection, and ventilation to prevent excessive temperature and gas accumulation. Additionally, it simplifies chemistry capabilities with features like higher pressure capability, hydrogen consumption monitoring, batch and flow reactor compatibility, and remote operation with data export.


For the production of 4.0 purity hydrogen gas from water at pressures up to 100 bar and flow rates up to 1 NL/min

H-Genie® Lite

The streamlined edition of the H-Genie for easy gas generation at pressures up to 50 bar and flow rates up to 1 NL/min