Batch and flow photoreactions with one reactor

R&D Top 100 winner PhotoCube

About the PhotoCube

This system is an award-winning, innovative instrument of ThalesNano that revolutionizes photochemical reactions in the laboratory. With its advanced design and cutting-edge features, the PhotoCube offers unprecedented control and precision in photochemistry experiments.

The PhotoCube boasts exceptional versatility, accommodating various types of batch and flow reactions, and providing precise control over parameters such as light intensity, wavelength, and exposure time.

PhotoCube with loop
PhotoCube for batch photochemistry

Features of the PhotoCube

  • Batch and flow reactions in the same platform
  • 7+1 wavelengths in one instrument, available wavelengths: 365, 395, 457, 500, 523, 595, 623 nm and white
  • Available batch reactor volumes: 4 mL and 25 mL glass vials
  • Available loop volumes: 5-25 mL
  • Available loop materials: FEP or PFA
  • Temperature range: from 20 to 80 °C
  • LED input power: up to 128 W/color
  • User-defined parameters, including wavelength used, light intensity, and speed of stirring
  • Temperature feedback
  • External temperature control option
  • Built-in safety features: to prevent the user from exposure to high-intensity light

Photochemistry in flow

Photochemistry is a powerful field within organic chemistry that explores the reactions and transformations initiated by light. One notable example is the widely-studied Minisci reaction, which offers a particularly valuable approach for creating new C(sp2)-C(sp3) bonds. However, traditional batch procedures often suffer from lengthy reaction times.

Fortunately, the emergence of continuous flow technology has revolutionized the field of photochemistry. By employing flow reactors, we can significantly accelerate photochemical reactions, enabling faster synthesis processes and streamlined workflows. Moreover, with careful planning, multiple synthetic steps can be seamlessly merged into a single continuous flow sequence, resulting in higher overall yields and increased efficiency.

At ThalesNano, we embrace the power of photochemistry and continuous flow technology to unlock new possibilities in synthesis. Our cutting-edge solutions enable researchers and chemists to harness the benefits of photochemical transformations, achieving remarkable results with enhanced speed, efficiency, and productivity.


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