Phoenix™ II Flow Reactor

New and improved edition

The Phoenix™ II Flow Reactor is the improved edition of the all-purpose Phoenix™ Flow Reactor, the reactor designed for high temperature and high-pressure reactions. Both instruments are enabling the synthesis of novel compounds in a parameter space not achievable with standard laboratory equipment. Building on the advantages of its previous version, the Phoenix™ II Flow Reactor offers an extended chemical parameter window (temperature up to 450°C, pressure up to 200 bar), unparalleled versatility of reactor options for both homogeneous and heterogeneous reactions and makes chemical processes significantly safer.


Extended chemical parameter window: temperature up to 450°C, pressure up to 200 bar

Heterogeneous and homogeneous capabilities

Reactor options: PTFE, Hastelloy and stainless-steel coiled reactors, user fillable metal-metal sealed cartridges and prefilled CatCarts® and MidiCarts™ are available

User-friendly software interface

Movable GUI touch screen

Modular, versatile

Rapid heating

Cooling for rapid cool-down at the end of the reaction

Multiple temperature sensors

Intuitive, easy set-up

Option of PC control

Multiple Gas Modules™ and pumps can be connected


Simple interchange of the reaction zone

Modules for the Phoenix™ II Flow Reactor systems

H-Genie® II

With the H-Genie® II, you can use high purity hydrogen gas for your reactions, generated on-demand from water at pressures up to 100 bar (14.5–1450 psi) and at flow rates up to 1 NL/min, making your laboratory safer by replacing your hydrogen cylinders.


HPLC pump 10 mL/min THS – 09037
HPLC pump 50 mL/min THS – 43780

The HPLC pump is a 10 mL/min or 50 mL/min capacity unit with built-in pressure sensor (inlet pressure sensor). It is recommended to have an extra HPLC pump if multiple inlets are needed for the application.

Pressure Module™

The Pressure Module™ generates the pressure in the reaction chamber. The module contains a system valve, a pressure sensor and a 3-way valve to set the outlet (to waste or to product collection). The maximum pressure is 200 bar.

THS – 09042

Gas Module™ 

When the Gas Module™ is connected to the Phoenix™ II Flow Reactor, it allows the introduction of gases, such as hydrogen, carbon monoxide, oxygen, syngas, etc. 14 different gases can be used up to 100 bar pressure, or any gas which characteristics are under the safety parameters of the system, widening the reactor’s chemistry capabilities significantly. It is also possible to use more than one Gas Module™ and mixers to introduce more than one gas at the same time.

Recommended gas regulators:

N2 regulator: Linde C200/1A-200B

O2 regulator: Rhöna EN OX 03-10

H2 regulator: Linde fdr-200-100-380-h

Available reactors and holders

The Phoenix™ II Flow Reactor is a powerful and versatile heating unit capable of reaching temperatures up to 450 °C. A big selection of ready-made reactor setups are available for both homogeneous and heterogeneous applications.

Packed bed reactors: Prefilled CatCarts® (30 mm, 70 mm long CatCarts®) and MidiCarts™ are available. We offer empty metal-metal sealed cartridges with fittings from 1/8” OD to 1/2” OD with 125 mm and 250 mm lengths for custom applications. The reactor holder sets are made of four pieces in each case; they are required to fill up the internal volume of the Phoenix™ II Flow Reactor.

Loops: 4, 8, 16 or 32 mL stainless steel or PTFE and Hastelloy loops are available.

Custom-made reactors are available as well, for these, please contact us at

Application Areas

Basic Configuration:

SNAr reactions
Boc removal
Claisen rearrangement
Supercritical reactions
Heterocycle synthesis

Addition to Basic Configuration: