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A revolutionary bench-top in situ hydrogen generating reactor in combination with the H-Cube® Pro or the Phoenix Flow Reactor, combined with an industry recognized automated liquid handler and software.

The Autosampler™ provides all the inherent benefits of the H-Cube® Pro (safety, convenience, high throughput) integrated with an automated liquid handler made by Gilson Inc. and a dedicated control software. Now you can include hydrogenation or other heterogeneous catalytic reactions to automated synthesis.

The included control software, the H-Sampler™ allows the monitoring of the entire process, including fully automated remote control of the H-Cube® Pro.


  • The continuous flow hydrogenation incorporated by the H-Cube series allows the integration of hydrogenation or other heterogeneous catalytic reactions to automated synthesis.
  • The Autosampler™ may be placed under a regular vented fume hood.
  • The entire experiment can run unattended and supervised remotely.


  • Reaction parameters are automatically set and reaction only starts when the H-Cube® Pro has fully stabilized.
  • Reaction times take only a few minutes. Pressure and temperature can be optimized for 100% product conversion.
  • Easy-to-use software with customizable parameters.


  • Fully integrated solution.
  • Experiments logged into .CSV files.
  • No additional software costs or software maintenance.

Hardware requirement for the H-Sampler™ software:

  • Windows compatible PC
  • One available PCI expansion slot (to insert a serial expansion card, provided)
  • 512 MB of RAM
  • 100 MB of disk space
  • User account with administrator access rights

Key Features

  • Gilson GX-271 liquid handler with Gilson 402 syringe pump and GX direct injector
  • Automated injection of samples up to 10 mL (standard injection loop is 2 mL, other sizes optional)
  • Open vial and closed vial fraction collection
  • Gilson Code 23W sample rack with 5 mL scintillation vials and Gilson Code 24 product rack with 25 mL vials (other Code 20 rack and vials optional, custom racks may also be integrated)
  • H-Sampler™ automation software supports rack and test bed customization, experiment design for library production or process optimization and full control of the liquid handler and the H-Cube® Pro. Software update and maintenance is included.
Technical data of Gilson GX 271
Dimensions59.7 x 54.1 x 57.1 cm (23.5 x 21.3 x 22.5 in)
Frequency50 to 60 Hz
Voltage100-240V (Universal input)
Current rating2.0A for 100-120V or 1.0A for 220-240V
Power consumption250W maximum
Weight22 kg (48 lbs)

Compatible devices

H-Cube® Pro, Phoenix Flow ReactorTM

The Autosampler™ makes the whole processes on the H-Cube® Pro or Phoenix Flow Reactor™ fully automated.

CatCart® Changer

When used in conjunction with the H-Cube® Pro or Phoenix Flow Reactor™ and Autosampler™, it provides the possibility of the easy screening of catalysts, fast reaction optimization and compound library production, as well as the simplified sample injection and fraction collection of the end product.

H-Cube® Pro + Phoenix Flow Reactor™ + Gas Module™

Fully automated flow chemistry platform dedicated to automating high pressure and high-temperature reactions, with or without reagent gases such as carbon monoxide or hydrogen. The automated system features the H-Cube® Pro, the Phoenix Flow Reactor™ and the Gas Module™ combined with the Autosampler™. The PC-controlled automated system is able to automatically inject starting materials into the reaction zone and then to collect the product as well. This combined system is one of the most versatile automation systems available and can perform the following:

  • Reactions from 10-450 °C and 1-100 bar (1450 psi)
  • 14 different reagent gases
  • Heterogeneous or homogeneous catalysis