H-Genie® Lite

Replace your cylinders with high-pressure hydrogen generator

On-demand hydrogen generation

The H-Genie® Lite is the streamlined version of the R&D 100 award winning H-Genie® hydrogen generator. By generating hydrogen from water up to 50 bar (725 psi) on-demand, it is the easy solution for replacing hydrogen cylinders in your laboratory.

H-Genie Lite hydrogen generator

Features of the H-Genie® Lite hydrogen generator

Safe: The H-Genie® Lite generates hydrogen from water on-demand, up to 50 bar. H-Genie® Lite is equipped with internal hydrogen leak detectors and many other safety features.

Simple: With its intuitive touchscreen display, you can learn to use H-Genie® Lite in one minute. Simply set the required pressure or time and press start.

Budget-friendy:By focusing on the essentials, we made the H-Genie® Lite an affordable yet essential laboratory equipment.

Compact: With its compact size the H-Genie® Lite can easily fit in any fume hood and can be relocated to where it is needed.

Technical data of the H-Genie® Lite hydrogen generator

Output pressure range1-50 bar
Purity≥ 99,9% at room temperature (3.0)
Water requirementDeionized water (recommended conductivity < 1µS/cm)
Water consumption rate200 mL/hr
Water reservoir capacity3L
Recommended environmentVentilated laboratory fume hood
Unit dimensions (H x W x D)385 x 365 x 476 mm
Unit weight33,7 kg
Outlet fittingSwagelok tube fitting 1/8″ stainless steel


This is the gas flow rate at room temperature and 1 bar. For example, the maximum flow rate at 1 bar is 1 L/min. At 100 bar it will be 10 mL/min.
It varies, but the tendency is that the higher the flow rate the more accurate it is. The average is around +/-1% error.
Deionized water only, MilliQ or MilliPure standards are fine. (< 1µS (microSiemens)/cm)
Yes. Just change deionized water to heavy water.
No. The H-Genie Lite generates it on-demand.
It’s designed to be set up in a ventilated cabinet or fume hood (essential) and connected to reactors in this area.