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ThalesNano offers the widest available chemical space for synthesis. By expanding the parameter window of the traditional methods, our instruments can be used up to 450 °C, and pressures up to 200 bar. By this, reactions can be implemented in a safe and efficient manner, continuous flow reactions with gases become available, and high-temperature and high-pressure chemistry can be performed easily.
Hydrogen gas can be generatated on-demand, with the help of our streamlined hydrogen generators. By eliminating hydrogen cylinders completely, these instruments can make the use of hydrogen significantly safer for every laboratory.

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H-Cube continuous flow hydrogenation reactors

The H-Cube system revolutionized laboratory hydrogenation when it was introduced in 2005, earning the prestigious R&D Top 100 award for ThalesNano in the same year. Since then, H-Cube reactors have established a new industry standard by combining on-demand hydrogen generation and continuous flow technology within a single instrument. The latest additions to the H-Cube family are the H-Cube Mini Plus and the H-Cube Pro.

The H-Cube Mini Plus stands out for its user-friendly design, offering a modern and streamlined version of its original counterpart. With enhanced ease of use, this instrument ensures efficient small-scale laboratory hydrogenation.

On the other hand, the H-Cube Pro is specifically designed for advanced hydrogenation and complex flow chemical reactions. It provides a wider temperature range, higher hydrogen production rate, and increased flexibility, catering to the diverse needs of users.

With their cutting-edge features and capabilities, the H-Cube Mini Plus and H-Cube Pro continue the legacy of the H-Cube system, pushing the boundaries of laboratory hydrogenation technology.

H-Cube Mini Plus

Safe and easy hydrogenation for every lab

H-Cube Pro

Flow reactor for advanced hydrogenation

H-Cube Pro Hastelloy

Improved chemical resistance for hydrogenation

ThalesNano H-Genie hydrogen generators

The H-Genie systems are compact instruments specifically designed for on-demand hydrogen generation. Utilizing ThalesNano's patented technology, these instruments generate hydrogen gas through water electrolysis, eliminating the need for hydrogen cylinders. With the H-Genie systems, you can conveniently produce hydrogen gas whenever it is required, making laboratory operations safer and more convenient.

By offering a more effective alternative to traditional hydrogen gas sources, the H-Genie and H-Genie Lite have become an invaluable addition to laboratories worldwide. Their compact design and efficient hydrogen generation make them the perfect solution for a wide range of applications.


On-demand hydrogen generation for batch and flow chemistry

H-Genie Lite

Replace your cylinders with high-pressure hydrogen generator

Phoenix flow systems

The Phoenix Flow systems open a new chemical parameter window for laboratory-scale synthesis. These advanced flow systems provide unparalleled capabilities, offering temperatures of up to 450 °C and pressures of up to 100/200 bar. Researchers can gain access to a wealth of new reactions and novel molecules that were previously unattainable using traditional laboratory equipment.

One of the key strengths of the ThalesNano Phoenix Flow systems lies in their exceptional flexibility. These systems can be tailored to your specific chemical needs through a range of additional modules for hydrogen generation, gas introduction, reaction monitoring, and automation, allowing you to customize the system to suit your unique requirements.

Phoenix Flow Reactor

Versatile and powerful flow reactor

Phoenix-H-Genie Platform

Moduar hydrogenation platform


The PhotoCube is the award-winning innovative instrument of ThalesNano that revolutionizes photochemical reactions in the laboratory. With its advanced design and cutting-edge features, the PhotoCube offers unprecedented control and precision in photochemistry experiments.

The PhotoCube boasts exceptional versatility, accommodating various types of batch and flow reactions, and providing precise control over parameters such as light intensity, wavelength, and exposure time.


Batch and flow photochemical reactions

Gas Module

This module enables precise dosing of various gases, offering a seamless integration of gas handling capabilities into your workflow. It supports a wide range of gases, including hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, and more, allowing you to tailor the gas environment to meet your specific experimental requirements. The Gas Module seamlessly integrates with other ThalesNano instruments and modules (including the H-Cube Pro and the Phoenix flow systems), allowing for comprehensive control of your laboratory processes.


Gas Module

Reactions with gases made easy

CatCart solutions from ThalesNano

CatCarts play an important role in enhancing the safety and efficiency of heterogeneous catalysis when used with the H-Cube or Phoenix flow systems of ThalesNano. These specially designed cartridges, available as pre-packed options or user-fillable variants, feature integrated filters that enable the smooth flow of gases and liquids while securely containing solid reagents. This unique configuration not only accelerates continuous flow synthesis but also ensures a safer and more convenient laboratory experience.

With our diverse CatCart portfolio, you can select from a range of pre-packed cartridges tailored to specific catalytic applications. Alternatively, you have the flexibility to fill your own cartridges with the CatCart Packer, customizing them to meet your unique requirements.


Safe and easy catalyst handling

CatCart Packer

Fill your own CatCarts easily

CatCart Changer

Efficient catalyst screening

Custom CatCart loading

Use your own catalysts in CatCarts