A revolutionary bench-top standalone hydrogenation reactor combined with an industry recognized automated liquid H-Cube Autosampler Gilsonhandler and laboratory automation software. A low cost solution for your automated laboratory needs. The H-Cube AutoSampler™ provides all the inherent benefits of the H-Cube® (safety, convenience, high throughput) integrated with an automated liquid handler made by Gilson, Inc and dedicated control software. For the first time you can include hydrogenation as the final step to automated synthesis. Included control software H-Sampler runs on Microsoft Windows XPoperating system and allows the monitoring of the entire process, including fully automated remote control of the H-Cube®. Distant activation and monitoring of the software is possible within the corporate intranet using Remote Desktop which is part of Microsoft Windows XP.

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Application Note

Scientific publications utilizing the Autosampler

Key Features

  • Gilson GX-271 liquid handler with Gilson 402 syringe pump and GX direct injector
  • Automated injection of samples up to 10 mL (standard injection loop is 2 mL, other sizes optional)
  • Open vial and closed vial fraction collection
  • Gilson Code 23W sample rack with 5 mL scintillation vials and Gilson Code 24 product rack with 25 mL vials (other Code 20 rack and vials optional, custom racks may also be integrated)
  • H-Cube® PEEK tubing is standard (Stainless Steel tubing optional)
  • H-Sampler automation software supports rack and test bed customization, experiment design for library production and process optimization and full control of the liquid handler and the H-Cube®. Software update and maintenance is included. Computer to be provided by Customer.



  • The continuous flow hydrogenation of the H-Cube® allows the integration of hydrogenation as the last step of automated synthesis
  • The H-Cube AutoSampler™ may be placed under a regular vented fume hood. No need for explosion-proof environment
  • The Entire experiment can be run unattended, and supervised remotely from a central location


  • Reaction parameters are automatically set and reaction only starts when H-Cube® has fully stabilized.
  • Reaction times take only a few minutes. Pressure and temperature can be optimized for 100% product conversion
  • Easy to use PC based software, with user customizable parameters


  • Fully integrated solution
  • Experiments logged into files
  • No additional software costs or software maintenance

Hardware requirement for the H-Sampler software:

  • Windows compatible PC with Windows XP operating system with SP2
  • One available PCI expansion slot (to insert a serial expansion card, provided)
  • 512 MB of RAM
  • 100 MB of disk space
  • User account with Administrator access rights.

For further details on H-Cube AutoSampler™, H-Cube®, the CatCart® catalyst system and hydrogenation, please check the following links:

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Optimisation of Conditions for O-Benzyl and N-Benzyloxycarbonyl Protecting Group Removal using an Automated Flow Hydrogenator K.R. Knudsen; J. Holden; S.V. Ley and M. Ladlow; Adv. Syn. Cat.; 2007; 349; 535-538.

Automated Flow Hydrogenation Platform