Custom CatCart loading service

Use your own catalysts and reagents with our CatCart system

Catalysts and reagents to suit your specific needs

Our CatCarts come in a range of catalyst loadings; however, we understand that special requirements may not always be met. To address this, we offer two solutions: the CatCart Packer for loading your unique catalyst, or our custom CatCart loading service provided by the dedicated CatCart team. We take pride in assisting our customers in utilizing their own catalysts and reagents alongside our flow instruments, offering this swift and tailored solution.

How does our custom CatCart loading service work?

To begin, we initiate a thorough feasibility assessment of your catalyst or reagent. Based on the physical and chemical properties of the material provided, we carefully evaluate its compatibility with our CatCart technology. This consultation service is offered free of charge.

Subsequently, your catalyst or reagent undergoes rigorous testing in accordance with the CatCart quality control protocol. Through comprehensive physical testing, we ensure that your custom-made CatCarts are perfectly suited for seamless integration with the relevant ThalesNano instruments. Furthermore, we offer chemical validation, both in batch conditions and in flow, utilizing the designated ThalesNano instrument of your choice.

Finally, upon successful evaluation, we proceed to pack the desired quantity of cartridges, ensuring their secure delivery to your specified location.

Custom catalyst loading service

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CatCarts play an important role in enhancing the safety and efficiency of heterogeneous catalysis when used with the H-Cube or Phoenix flow systems of ThalesNano.