CatCart® Changer

Efficient catalyst screening

Fast catalyst testing

The CatCart Changer revolutionizes catalyst cartridge switching in a flow chemistry environment. It is specifically designed for seamless integration with ThalesNano H-Cube series reactors.

With its advanced 6-channel system, the CatCart Changer enables dynamic flow switching between different catalyst cartridges, empowering users to explore up to 6 distinct catalysts effortlessly. It operates flawlessly under demanding conditions, supporting temperatures and pressures of up to 100°C (212°F) and 100 bar (1450 psi), respectively.

Combining the system with the H-Cube Pro opens up new frontiers in catalyst screening and reaction optimization.

CatCarts 2
CatCart Changer

How does the CatCart Changer work?

The CatCart Changer features a state-of-the-art 6-channel valve system that seamlessly controls the flow of compounds. You can operate the valve directly through the H-Cube Pro. This intuitive system empowers you to direct the compound flow into any of the 6 CatCart chambers within the CatCart Changer. Each chamber can be customized with individual temperature and pressure settings, providing precise control over your catalytic reactions.


The CatCart Changer offers a range of versatile applications:

Catalyst screening: By utilizing different catalysts in each chamber, the CatCart Changer allows for the screening of up to 6 catalysts with a specific compound. This enables efficient exploration and evaluation of catalyst performance.

Library production: The module enables the synthesis of compound libraries with enhanced catalyst stability. By employing the same catalyst in each chamber, the system ensures continuous operation without catalyst deactivation. This is achieved by directing the compound through a new, fresh CatCart at predetermined intervals, guaranteeing optimal catalyst performance throughout the library production process.

Reaction scale-up: For larger scale production of a desired compound, the CatCart Changer proves to be invaluable. By employing the same type of CatCart in all holders, significant quantities of the compound can be prepared. The system facilitates seamless scale-up by automatically switching to a fresh cartridge after a user-specified duration, ensuring continuous and efficient synthesis.

System specifications

Technical data
Pressure rangefrom atmospheric pressure to 100 bar
Temperature rangefrom room temperature to 100 °C
Dimensionsheight: 310 mm (12.2”)
width: 270 mm (10.6”)
depth: 315 mm (12.4”)
Weight12 kg (27 lbs)
Mains voltage100 – 230 V (AC)
Mains frequency50 – 60 Hz
Power uptakemax. 500 VA
Fuses2×3.15A – 230V, 2×6.3 A – 117V