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Previous webinar topics

Advantages of using the Phoenix – H-Genie® reactor system for continuous flow hydrogenations

Safe Hydrogenation and the H-Cube Mini Plus

H-Cube Pro Part I: High performance hydrogenations done safely

PhotoChemistry made easy: Batch and Flow chemistry using the PhotoCube

Catalyst handling made safe and easy: CatCarts

Unparalleled hydrogenation synthesis and scale-up: The Phoenix - H-Genie Platform

The Gas Module: Extending the scope of reactions introducing gaseous reagents

CatCarts® Part II: Cartridges for safe and easy heterogeneous flow chemistry

High-pressure CO2 hydrogenation towards valuable fuels using the Phoenix Flow Reactor in the gas phase

Flow Chemistry Basics I.

How HydRegen’s biocatalytic hydrogenation technology lets you harness selective biocatalysis in the H-Cube

Flow Chemistry Basics II.

Flow Chemistry Basics III.

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