Petrochemical Industry

The petrochemical industry faces many difficulties in today's market, both on the upstreaming and downstreaming side of business. Our reactor portfolio can help you overcome many challenges that you face in your everyday, by providing innovative solutions to the following problems:

Versatile Chemistry Requires Flexible Instrumentation

The majority of the natural gas transformations require an effective handling of gas to liquid reactions. The reactions require a versatile solution capable of handling both homogeneous and heterogeneous reactions, which can be complex and troublesome.

ThalesNano, the pioneer in implementing a simple to use, automated high throughput lab scale flow reactors, has already adapted the technology to different markets from pharma to fragrance. With the widest parameter range on the market, ThalesNano’s versatile and flexible systems are ideal to be utilized in the petrochemical industry. (top of the page)

Catalyst Research Requires Efficient Testing Methodology

Research into discovering the best performing catalyst is heavily time and resource consuming due to the large, cumbersome, equipment employed.

ThalesNano flow reactors are small, benchtop sized equipment that use only small amounts of catalysts at one time, are highly automatable, and can mimic the conditions of large scale reactors with production capabilities 1000s of times larger. This leads to fast and cost effective catalyst testing, with a protocol that can be transferred to production scale with minimal optimization. (top of the page)

Unique Production Requires Unique Development

To generate innovative, market leading solutions, sometimes unique state of the art equipment is necessary. It can be challenging to find such solutions using “off the shelf” equipment.

Our expert engineering, production, and chemistry teams are ready to work with you in designing and constructing custom built systems, which are tailored exactly to your needs. All we require is your specification and feedback. (top of the page)