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H-Cube Mini Plus

Safe and easy hydrogenation in continuous flow.

H-Cube Pro Hastelloy

Improved chemical resistance for flow hydrogenation.


On-demand hydrogen generation for batch and flow chemistry.

Phoenix Flow Reactor

A versatile flow reactor designed for high-temperature/high-pressure chemistry.

Gas Module

Reactions with gases made easy

H-Cube Pro

Flow reactor designed for advanced hydrogention.


Batch and flow photochemistry with one reactor.

H-Genie Lite

On-demand hydrogen generation for batch and flow chemistry.

Phoenix-H-Genie Platform

A complete hydrogenation platform for high-demanding reactions.

THS System Controller® and THS ReAction® software

Control your ThalesNano system remotely


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CatCart list

A comprehensive list of the most common catalysts

CatCart® inner volumes

Learn more about CatCarts and MMS cartdiges