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ThalesNano is an innovation-driven company focusing on the development of bench-top flow chemistry instruments and solutions for synthetic chemical challenges.

The company was founded in 2002 in Budapest, Hungary. Since then, ThalesNano operates globally, with the help of our US office and worldwide distributor network.

Currently, more than 1900 of our instruments are used worldwide. Our mission is to make flow chemistry the part of the daily laboratory routine and to make chemical processes safer, easier, and more effective. We put a great emphasis to support research and development by aiding scientific collaborations and education.

Our first instrument on the market, the H-Cube® continuous flow hydrogenation reactor was launched in 2004.

The instrument was ground-breaking with its innovative hydrogen generator coupled with the advantages of flow chemistry technology. It has received the R&D Top 100 Award in 2005 and is used in hundreds of laboratories globally. During the recent years, the H-Cube® has become the new industry standard for hydrogenation.

In response to market needs, ThalesNano has developed new continuous flow reactors to cover an extended chemical space in terms of both pressure and temperature. Nowadays, the company has the widest portfolio of laboratory-scale instruments for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, fine chemical, flavor and fragrance, agrochemical, and petrochemical markets, as well as for academic research groups and education.

Our family of products solves daily problems with difficult or dangerous reactions.

We offer a convenient and safe alternative with easy reproducibility. In addition, with temperature range from -70 to 1000°C and pressure from vacuum to 200 bar a new chemical parameter window is achievable that is otherwise unreachable in batch processes. The H-Cube® series instruments have set a new standard for laboratory-scale hydrogenations, by combining on-demand hydrogen generation with continuous flow environment. The Phoenix™ flow systems make chemical processes more effective and significantly safer in an extended chemical parameter window.

In the recent years, our new developments were recognized by the R&D Top 100 Award Committee, awarding the H-Genie® hydrogen generator in 2019, and the PhotoCube™ photoreactor in 2021.

The H-Genie® is the only lab hydrogen generator capable of reaching 100 bar (1450 psi) from water without a compressor using a patented technology, developed in collaboration with the University of Szeged.

The PhotoCube™ won the award because it’s the first batch and flow-based bench top multi-wavelength instrument available in the market for advanced photochemical applications.

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“Our family of products solves daily problems in transforming
difficult or dangerous reactions to be performed conveniently
and safely with easy reproducibility.”

Gergely Darvas, CEO