Petrochemical Industry

The petrochemical industry faces many difficulties in today’s market, both on the fields of upstream and downstream processes. Our reactor portfolio can help you overcome many challenges by providing innovative solutions to the following problems:

  • Bench-top reactor setups capable of accommodating a large variety of reactions
  • Cost-effective and fast pre-production catalyst testing

Flexible instrumentation for versatile chemistry

The majority of the natural gas transformations require an effective handling of gas to liquid reactions. For these, a versatile solution is needed, capable of handling both homogeneous and heterogeneous reactions, which can be complex and troublesome.
ThalesNano, the pioneer in implementing easy-to-use, automated high throughput laboratory-scale flow reactors, has already adapted the technology to different markets from the pharmaceutical to the flavour and fragrance industry. With the widest parameter range on the market, ThalesNano’s versatile and flexible systems are ideal to be utilized in the petrochemical industry as well.

Efficient testing methodology for catalyst screening

Research into discovering the best performing catalyst is heavily time- and resource-consuming. ThalesNano’s flow reactors are small, bench-top instruments that use only small amount of catalysts at one time, can be automated easily and can mimic the conditions of large scale reactors. This leads to fast and cost-effective catalyst testing, with a protocol that can be transferred to production scale with minimal optimization.